“Wanna WOKER?”

WOKER® is Word Poker

Woker is a fun new word game that combines the challenges of word games with the quickness of card games! Don’t know poker yet? No worries – it’s all about words!  If you love word games, you’ll love WOKER!


WOKER is Witty Word Game Fun!

The goal of WOKER is to make the highest scoring word(s) with the cards in your hand based on the point value associated with each letter. It’s like a brainteaser for both sides of your brain.   WOKER is a great fun game that sure to be a hit at your house!

WOKER is a new and exciting word card game created for having fun with your friends and family. Easy to learn, it appeals to a variety of players and can be played multiple ways – as a party game, a family game, and an educational game for children — depending on who’s playing! WOKER can be played by all ages, from 8  to 108!

Small enough to fit in your backpack, glove box and carry-on bag, WOKER is portable making it the perfect travel game. Play it with your friends and family while you’re camping, hiking, in the hotel or when traveling by air, car or train.  Make it a gift for yourself or your favorite people!

WOKER is like poker and Scrabble® combined! It’s sure to be a hit with your friends and family!

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WOKER Words of the Week!
Spell the words below this week with WOKER, and double their point value!
  • Purple
  • Mountains
  • Majesty
  • Fruited
  • Plains
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