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Play and introduce others to this new, fun and fast word game played with cards!  Based on three popular poker games, WOKER can be played multiple ways,  depending who’s playing – adults, families, kids.  For all ages, from 8 to 108.  Comes with 120 WOKER cards, rules and score sheets.

Get a game for yourself, for a family member, a neighbor or a friend – makes a great gift!


Limited 1st Edition WOKER Game

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Support our Troops

Support our Troops

* Buy and receive 1 set @ $9.95; buy 1 set as a gift to be shipped directly to the Healing Warriors Program for just $6.00 ($15.95) plus shipping and handling ($4.95)   Visit their website at


WOKER Words of the Week!
Spell the words below this week with WOKER, and double their point value!
  • Purple
  • Mountains
  • Majesty
  • Fruited
  • Plains
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