How To Play WOKER®

WOKER® is word poker!

WOKER puts the WOW into word games!
 is a word game based on three popular poker games – Draw, Stud, and Texas Hold ‘em.

Don’t know poker? No problem! WOKER is all about spelling and scoring.

The goal is to make the highest scoring words with your cards based on the points associated with each letter. Then lay them down and claim victory for that hand!  After 10 hands, the player with the highest score, is the overall winner!


WOKER is like Scrabble and Poker combined!


WOKER Game Rules:

You can play two ways:

1. Tally the points of the words made with letters in your hand. The  player with the most points after 10 hands wins!  or WOKER fans have suggested that the first player to get to 150 points wins.  You choose.


2. Bet loosely based on the rules of Draw, Stud or Texas Hold ‘Em and test your best poker face! The player with the most chips after 10 hands wins!


A WOKER deck consists of 120 cards

The dealer changes after each hand. Cards are dealt clockwise from the dealer. Words must be in the dictionary. Players choose if they want abbreviations and proper names to be allowed.  Players have 60 seconds to make as many words with the cards in their hands.

The WOKER Joker — also known as the Wild WOKER — is a wild card. It can represent any letter and is worth 4 points. There are 4 WOKER Jokers in the deck.


Basic Version    •   Betting Version    •   Jr. Draw Version 


Spell WOKER and your hand wins!  WOKER trumps all other words!


WOKER versions include WOKER Draw, WOKER Stud, and WOKER Hold’em. Play is based on the poker versions of those games, though slightly modified to accommodate the spelling of words. We recommend playing WOKER Draw first.

WOKER is word game poker!



WOKER Wednesday Words of the Week

Add extra excitement to the game. Every week 5 new words are posted on the website or sent to facebook fans and tweeted on twitter. Spell these words during the week and their point value is doubled. Become a WOKER Facebook fan!


Extra Tally Sheets and Rules

Need Extra Tally Sheets?  Download WOKER card game tally sheets here.

WOKER Rules, including WOKER Jr.:  Download WOKER & WOKER Jr. word game rules, including some additional based on WOKER Fans suggestions.


Looking for a holiday gift idea?

Look no further!  WOKER is a new word game exciting players across the country.



It's the Wild WOKER - aka the WOKER JOKER!
WOKER is appropriate for ages 8*+ and can be played most effectively with 2 – 6 players. It can also be played with teams of two.

* WOKER Jr. is for children 5 – 11, see information below and specific rules on The WOKER Games page.

WOKER Words of the Week!
Spell the words below this week with WOKER, and double their point value!
  • Purple
  • Mountains
  • Majesty
  • Fruited
  • Plains
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