Basic Version:

Players make words out of the letters in their hand. Points are calculated based on the letters in the words that are made, kind of like Scrabble. Points of unused letters are subtracted from the point total of the hand.  After each hand, the point total for each player is recorded on a tally sheet.  After 10 hands, the winner is the player with the highest total points.

  1. Spell WOKER and its points are double — the 11 points face value is now 22 points!

Updated Rules based on the FAN Forum!  THANK YOU WOKER FANS!

  1. Use all the cards in your hand  — add 2 points
  2. Make words of 6 letters — add 2 points
  3. Make words of 7 letters — add 3 points
  4. Make words of 8 letters — add 4 points
  5. Make words of 9 letters — add 5 points
  6. You choose!  Winner can be the first person to get 150 points.

Specifics are noted in rules for each card game version.

WOKER Words of the Week!
Spell the words below this week with WOKER, and double their point value!
  • Purple
  • Mountains
  • Majesty
  • Fruited
  • Plains
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